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Baby Cat toes

Baby Cat toes, 30.3.12

Those are little Baby Cat’s toes. Normal toes, on normal feet, attached to normal legs on Baby Cat’s healthy normal body. I’m grateful that God has blessed her with good health for now :3

Of course, our health isn’t God’s priority, and neither is our wealth or prestige or anything so temporary. I understand that God’s priority for us is holiness, and that everything He allows through our lives is to achieve that. If suffering will best sanctify us, then He’ll have us suffer. If wealth will most sanctify us, then He’ll have us wealthy. Horrors or happiness, sickness or strength, these are more means to have Holy people that will glorify Him regardless of temporary conditions, and then soon enough glorify Him eternally.

Kaiwin Yeung is a photographer and video producer in Melbourne. This is his personal project, partly for his work with White Heights Media, where he frequently helps with Melbourne Wedding Photography and Melbourne Wedding Video production.