The goal of a photography project 365 is to simply take 1 photo a day. Past that, it’s really up to the photographer. The rules, subject matter, equipment or techniques can be defined however. To motivate myself to complete this project a year from now, I’d like it to be about more than just photography. Sure, a year from now this project (and my work with White Heights) will refine me as a photographer, but I also want it to refine me as a Christian too.
So my project subject is gratitude, and my goal is to photograph those things that I thank God for. Of course gratitude should result naturally from a Christian, but I think it also requires discipline. Purposefully looking for all the many things for which I’m grateful with this little photography project :3

For some reason wordpress really butchers my photos. Clarity disappears and my pictures here are overly soft and desaturated. I’ll try to sort that out as soon as possible.


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